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First Class Domestic Service

First Class Domestic Service


Nanny service in Newport Beach
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What we do

newport beach-based household assistance

We support households. Whether you need assistance with housekeeping, childcare, meal preparation, transportation, or personal assistance, we can help. 

Our staff is polished, professional, experienced, and we know what our clients expect.  We also understand the importance of confidentiality so you can have comfort knowing we are always in your corner. 

kind words

“We have pure white floors, a lot of modern Italian furnishings, chrome, glass and stainless steel in our home and it is a full time job to keep up the maintenance. There is no way I could do it myself so when a friend suggested First Class Domestic's to me I was optimistic because there is nothing better than a great referral. I am very lucky to have found FCD, because they are a perfect fit for us. Highly recommended.
Carol Montegani
"With four children, pets, and a 3000+ square foot home, I needed help. There simply is no way to get everything done each day unless I quit my job. Luckily I came across First Class Domestics and they are a huge help to me. They keep our house looking fantastic and the kids are happy knowing that they now have options and flexibility rather than being restricted by my schedule. I could not be more grateful.
Heather McClure
"My career mandates a lot of travel so help in the home was necessary. What I love about First Class Domestics is that they supplied solutions for all my needs, not just a nanny for the kids. I love that we can have a professional chef making healthy meals that taste great, as well as someone to take care of laundry and keeping the house in order. This company is the best kept secret in Newport Beach but the word is getting out!
Butner family

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